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Medicom Teases MAFEX Billy Butcher from The Boys with the Laser Baby as an accessory

Medicom has started teasing their next project for the MAFEX line and its apparently a MAFEX Billy Butcher from The Boys TV series from Amazon.

And even better is that they will be selling/ packaging the action figure with that little baby that shoots laser beams from its eyes which Butcher used to their advantage in the first season of Amazon’s The Boys.

Check out the teaser for MAFEX Billy Butcher below.

So aside from the baby, collectors can also expect real cloth jacket for the figure and probably some really good headsculpts for the actor who plays the leader of the boys, Karl Urban.

Anyway, this will be the second MAFEX figure from The Boys series as Medicom had already revealed their first figure under the wave, the MAFEX Homelander.

No word yet on the price for the figure and the release date but we’ll definitely post something when details come out. In the meantime, follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more The Boys news and updates!

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