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Closer look at the Marvel Legends Ikaris Figure from the Marvel Legends Eternals Wave

There’s a recent set of photos that has been shared online featuring a closer look at the Marvel Legends Ikaris action figure which is part of The Eternals action figures coming out soon.

If you’re not familiar with how action figures work these days, this will be part of an all Eternals wave of figures from Hasbro and will have separate parts of another figure that you can build. Check out photos of the entire Marvel Legends Eternals wave and box art too.

By extension, we are getting a closer look too of what Richard Madden’s character would look like in Marvel  Studios’ The Eternals film which is set for release this year together with the Black Widow movie that has been shelved as the global pandemic went full beast mode last year.

Anyway, the Marvel Legends Ikaris bears a resemblance to the Game of Thrones actor while also sporting a blue armor / battle suit and some nice looking laser eyes accessories.

Its definitely a modern take on the comic book version of Ikaris and there’s none of that god-awful bowl cut.

the eternals


More photos below of the reveal for The Eternals at a recent Disney/Marvel event.

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