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Its time to lend AIA Philam Life a hand in picking a beneficiary for their holiday donation campaign

Let’s face it, 2020 wasn’t the year we were expecting it to be and up until now we’re all suffering from the impact of this global pandemic. Some of our brothers and sisters aren’t as lucky as us though, having it rough with their work and livelihood affected by the lockdown. But there are still people and outfits that show that there’s still good in all of us like AIA Philam Life and their new holiday campaign.

Aside from that, there are also some small things that we should be thankful for despite all the worries we’ve experienced this 2020. Here’s a bunch of infographics and testimonies about those little things we need to be thankful for and the things which makes us say “Tuloy ang Buhay”.

And there’s more to be thankful and more to give back to this holiday. This is the reason why AIA Philam Life is looking for your help to give back to some of these charities!

  • SOS Children’s Village
  • Haribon
  • Leonard Cheshire Foundation
  • Anawin Home for the Elderly

And with your help, one of these foundations can get P100,000 donation from AIA Philam Life!

Here’s how YOU (yes YOU) can decide which foundation or charity gets that cash donation.

Donation Mechanics:
1. Fill up the form and nominate a charity of their choice: https://bit.ly/PALSignUpForACause.

2. This serves as their raffle entry and if your name is picked, the charity you nominated will receive Php100,000 from AIA Philam Life.

3. There are some options in the form but they are not limited to choosing from the list, they can input their preferred charity.

These charities are: SOS Children’s Village, Haribon, Leonard Chesire Foundation, and Anawin Home for the Elderly.

Full Mechanics: https://bit.ly/PALSignUpForACauseMechanics

So what are you waiting for?! Sign up and fill out the form so you can give the ultimate “give back” this Holiday of 2020 and make people smile.

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