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Meet Hot Hipon, the hottest shrimp-fluencer on the internet

Living in a digital age under quarantine, we’re always keeping ourselves entertained with the trendiest challenges and influencers, while also getting a much-needed pick-me-up from the funniest memes.

The influencer who’s been taking over TikTok and Instagram with his entertaining content and sleek dance moves is actually more than a person — and his name is Hot Hipon. The shrimp-headed dancer started the #HOTtawChallenge on TikTok, which has spread through the app like wildfire, with over 242 million views to date. Hot Hipon also recruited his celebrity HOTkada, Rayver Cruz, Riva Quenery, Maverick Legaspi, Ruru Madrid and Gabbi Garcia, among others, to try out the hottest dance craze themselves.

The catchy moves of the #HOTtawChallenge were inspired by Hot Hipon’s favorite snack, Spicy Oishi Prawn Crackers. Just like the dance challenge, the #1 spicy seafood snack in the Philippines kicks things up a notch with delicious spiciness.

Aside from catching everyone’s attention with his confidence, sharp dance skills and funny content, his fans can’t help but be intrigued about the man behind Hot Hipon.

If you’re eagerly awaiting a face reveal and want to keep up with Hot Hipon’s lifestyle, tune into his TikTok and Instagram @hothipon. Plus, you too can be part of the HOTkada by trying out the AR filter found on his Instagram page, and posting your take on the #HOTtawChallenge.

Spicy Oishi Prawn Crackers are available in groceries, supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. For more information, visit Oishi Philippines’ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/oishi.ph.

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