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Starfire gets her costume for Titans season 3

Here’s q look at Anna Diop’s Starfire costume for the upcoming Titans season 3 on HBO Max.

You can check out Starfire’s costume for Titans’ season 3 after the cut.

Starfire has been a crucial part for the Titans and seeing her get her gear on and look a little bit more like her comic book counterpart sure is a great thing especially if you’re a fanboy or fangirl of the series.

It’s also nice to note that her sister Blackfire will also be joining the latest season which builds more drama and establish more depth to the Tamaran princess.

Itd also nice to know that they are actually giving her a costume this time around as opposed to always wearing street clothes during fights.

What do you guys think of Starfire’s costume for Titans season 3? Does it give off the same hype as when they revealed the Red Hood costume? Leave a comment below and follow me at @thefanboyseo for more DC Comics news and updates.

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