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Wonder Woman 1984 release date in the Philippines announced for January 8 2021

Warner Bros Pictures has announced the official Wonder Woman 1984 release date in the Philippines! The film which stars Gal Gadot and directed by Patty Jenkin is set for release January 8 2021.

If you can remember, the film which also stars Pedro Pascal, Kristin Wiig, Chris Pine and was set for release Summer of 2020 but due to the coronavirus, the release got pushed back further and further. Check out the rest of the screening schedules in other parts of the world.

Wednesday, December 16 — Belgium, Bulgaria. Egypt, Estonia, France, Greece, Holland, Iceland, Indonesia, Portugal, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Thursday, December 17 — Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico, Middle East – Other, Nicaragua, Panama, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates

Friday, December 18 — China, East Africa, Japan, Nigeria, Spain, Vietnam

Wednesday, December 23 — Austria, Germany, Korea

Thursday, December 24 — Hungary, Slovenia

Friday, December 25 — Canada, Colombia, Finland, India, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, Venezuela, United States

Saturday, December 26 — Australia, New Zealand

Thursday, December 31 — Argentina

Thursday, January 7 — Ukraine, Uruguay

Friday, January 8 — Philippines

Thursday, January 14 — Azerbaijan, CIS Others, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Russia

Friday, January 15 — Romania, Turkey

Thursday, January 21 — Chile, Peru

Friday, January 22 — Poland

Thursday, January 28 — Italy

TBD — Bahrain, Ghana, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Asia – Other, LatAm – Other, Islands – Other

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