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New The Witcher season 2 photos could cover A Shard of Ice

It looks like The Witcher is covering a popular short story called Shard of Ice which was one of the many stories written for the book where the series is based on (and again, not really on the game). We actually have two new leaked photos from the set which is still in production right now.

We actually see one scene to be shot featuring Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia and Istred (Royce Pierreson). And here’s another shot of Henry Cavill’s Geralt wearing a cloak and covering his sweet, sweet armor or scratch that, he’s just wearing a basic gear.

Going back to the topic, the most important part about these leaked The Witcher season 2 set photos is the fact that we have Istred and Geralt in one scene. Both men have feelings for Yennefer of Vengerberg with Geralt the current beau and Istred the former lover who had betrayed her in season 1. The story goes that the two end up going on a duel which pissed of Yennefer so much that she ends up leaving both of them and doing her own thing. 

We have yet to see Anya Chalotra make an appearance during the production. 

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