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Marvel Select Titanium Man Official Photos

Heres a quick look at the Marvel Select Titanium Man from Diamond Select Toys!

The figure is now out on preorder and comes with an alternate head which is just as equally imposing and intimidating.

The Marvel Select Titanium Man is currently on preorder with retail price of $24.99. its got a target release date of May 2021.

There are two versions of Titanium Man in the Marvel universe and both have been the enemies of Iron Man aka Tony Stark. The character’s first appearance was in Tales of Suspense # 68. He’s also the creation of Stan Lee and Don Heck.

The original Titanium Man, Boris Bullski, wanted to gain more position in the Soviet Russia and had commissioned the scientists in a camp he was working for to build a new suit of armor to battle Iron Man. His original plan was to defeat Iron Man on TV and gain favor. He was, of course, defeated.

He had several more fights with Iron Man until he was booted out of Russia. There he found work whenever he can and even teamed up with Anton Vanko aka the original Crimson Dynamo.

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