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HP Smart: A best-in-class productivity app to power remote working and learning

With the advent of technology, people have taken their schools and businesses across different devices. Whether they are back in the office or continuing to telecommute, work fluidity is of great importance for people as they explore convenient and efficient ways to fulfill their day-to-day tasks.

One of the most pivotal things when it comes to work operations is having access to a printer. Although the road to digitization lays out everything online, physical documents and other communication materials are still encouraged in daily work processes.

Printers remain to be an integral part of work and instruction. And while they are usually interfaced with a PC, using a feature-rich app that can be accessed in multiple devices is one way for professionals and students to promote ease of work.

The HP Smart app has a ton of productivity features designed to streamline workflows in all kinds of setups. It allows users to print, scan, and share documents with their HP Printer using only their Android and Apple iOS mobile devices. Putting all the tools they need right at their fingertips, HP makes it easier for people to be productive anytime, anywhere, by allowing them to enjoy efficient mobile printing solutions.

They can set up and manage their HP Printer’s settings directly from the HP Smart app, as well as monitor its ink levels and printer status. They can also share photos and files with their friends and colleagues right from their mobile device, or simply store them in Cloud.

Knowing how professionals and students leverage on creative images and other visual aids, the HP Smart app also makes it possible for users to edit, enhance, and colorize photos using various adjustment controls. This way, they can make the most of HP Printers’ superior quality when it comes to accurately printing fade-resistant photographs. And, in making one’s work tasks much more convenient wherever they are, the HP Smart app likewise allows users to utilize their smartphone’s camera to create high-quality scans. These files can then be previewed, edited, and shared to other applications, enabling one to be consistently productive even on the go.

Keypoint Intelligence analysts have found the HP Smart App an intuitive and flexible tool to streamline workflows with its strong features and superior usability. “HP Smart app has a stronger feature set and even better usability. The result is a best-in-class print app versus the competitors put to test.”

With mobile printing options brought by the HP Smart app, working professionals and students can be more dynamic and productive as they enjoy all the functions of an HP Printer all pressed into one convenient mobile app. Download the HP Smart app now, available on Google Play and App Store.

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