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Batman The Three Jokers # 3 Spoilers – Batman has his own secrets

Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok’s Batman The Three Jokers has ended with a nice twist but there’s an even bigger twist that’s been revealed by the end of the book. Here’s a big Batman The Three Jokers # 3 Spoilers!

So in this finale, we get to see that Joker kind of failed in becoming Batman/ Bruce Wayne’s main villain after Bats failed to kill Joe Chill, the man responsible for the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Batman even rescued Chill during the finale, saving him from a falling debris and from being turned into a new Joker. By the end of story, Joker’s back in jail and reduced to just one, his plan to create more Jokers failed and Bruce finally forgave Joe Chill.

In the epilogue, there’s a nice little twist which also harkens back to Batman: The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland. We find Bruce driving in Alaska in the present while having a flashback.

In the flashback he talks to Alfred about a secret that only the two of them must know. He already knew who the Joker was and he also knows who his immediate kin are.

We also see a redone panel from the original “Killing Joke” story where the unnamed comedian who becomes The Joker is threatening his own wife which plays just like the original.

But then we get new scenes drawn by Jason Fabok that shows what Joker’s wife did while he was in that bar and about to be approached by the mobsters to break into ACE chemical dressed up as the Red Hood. Apparently the wife came to the police looking for help.


The authorities helped her escape Joker and set up a new life for her in Alaska together with their unborn child and they’ve been living there ever since.

Bruce wanted to keep her a secret from everybody especially from the media which could lead Joker back into their already peaceful life. Batman: Three Jokers ends with Bruce Wayne driving past the house of Joker’s wife and child with the notion that the man’s identity wasn’t important and it never was.

This also puts more gravitas to the scene from Batman: Three Jokers # 2 where Joker hostages a wife and child in a suburban home which turns out to be just a delusion.

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