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REVIEW: Avengers # 38

We check out Avengers # 38 from Marvel and I have to say, Jason Aaron’s run, in a weird way, is concise and well planned. Some readers may not like the current Avengers book and roster but for those that are actual fans of the writer, its going to be another wild ride.

Before we proceed, spoiler alert…

spoiler alert photo

The issue deals with the fall out of Age of Khonsu and the opening shot to the upcoming Phoenix storyline.

Ed McGuiness is back to do interior work for the book as well as covers. So expect the stocky yet gorgeous panels we all love about the former Superman and Hulk artist. Nothing much in terms of action sequences here mostly just posing and dialogue with some gory and creepy imagery put in for good measure.

Aaron’s issue has a background narrative of a family indebted to Mephisto and how deep this demon’s connection is to Earth even existing before the Celestial involvement we saw in the first story arc under his wing. And even the characters know that while they managed to “kill” Mephisto at the end of the Moonknight-centric story, its not yet the end.

Speaking of Moon Knight, its sad to see that Marc Spector has declined to join the Avengers. Seeing how Aaron creatively or uncreatively used him in the last story arc, it would have been great to see him join the team.

The horror element to this story is OK for me. Murder and sacrificing body parts is something that’s definitely up in Mephisto’s alley but man was I not expecting that level. Plus that ending featuring a surprise involvement of Tony Stark’s father, Howard Stark is setting up some potentially good drama in the succeeding issues.

I can imagine the shock on Iron Man’s face when he sees his father working for Mephisto; and that’s not the only thing he’s worried about because he’s also worried about the alternate dimension Mephistos looking to invade the main 616 reality taking advantage of the vacuum left behind by the death of the god of lies.

If you’re looking for more opening shots for their upcoming Avengers vs Phoenix Force story, there’s barely any. We only get to see Blade the Vampire Hunter and Thor discussing what they should expect when the fire bird makes its next move.

What really kind of turned me off here is this splash page.

Thanos vs Avengers BC

What the hell dude?! Maybe we’ll get another explanation for this. After all, this Caveman Avengers team was a secret history for the team that mirrors the current roster of the Avengers. Hopefully.

Avengers #38 is another issue that Marvel low-key hyped up because of its content. Honestly, other than the last few pages that showcases Mephisto’s involvement in various superpowered battles, there’s nothing really worth the hype. Even the Phoenix element isn’t really worth hyping and I’m not too hot in this becoming a big issue.

Verdict: 3/5

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