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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin # 1 Spoilers – Michaelangelo is the surviving brother

One of the more interesting details fans were already speculating about the Eastman-Laird written “The Last Ronin” book is which of the four Ninja Turtles and now we finally know who it is. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin # 1 Spoilers up ahead!

Also let me raise my SPOILER ALERT

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So the story is set in the distant future with the world gone to hell and only a few major cities stand including what used to be New York City which has been taken over by the future version of the Foot Clan. As the unrevealed Turtle tries to maneuver into the city to exact his revenge on the Foot’s current leader Oruko Hiroto, the grandson of Shredder and the bastard son of Karai.

Unfortunately for this turtle, things go south as he climbs the tower and the issue ends with this Turtle getting injured, escaping with his life and retreating into the sewers. At this point, there’s still no clue who he is despite the fact that they’ve already showing all four weapons of the TMNT including Leonardo’s broken katana.

Knowing that he failed his mission, he starts the process for a traditional harakiri, an honorable death among the Japanese. And just as he is about to stab himself, he gets what looks to be a cardiac arrest witnessed by the same young girl he stole a bike from earlier in the story who has a last name of “Jones”, which means she could be the descendant of Casey Jones.

The unrevealed turtle goes unconscious, has a dream that he’s reunited with his brothers during happier times and wakes up, being treated.

We then see that April O’Neil has helped this turtle and moved him out of the sewers. April also reveals that this surviving turtle is none other than Michelangelo.


The speculation that its Michelangelo all along is a good twist. We see that he’s no longer the carefree and happy ninja brother but rather a brooding and revenge-thirsty warrior. And for good reason too because he wants to avenge the deaths of Leonardo, Raphael and Donatello at the hands of the younger, stronger Hiroto.  Now we definitely need to see what Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird and the rest of the team are cooking up for the second part of the story.

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