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5 Ways to Share the Love and #ShowTheLove during this Pandemic (with a geeky twist)

Showing your love for friends and loved ones may not mean much but it ultimately matters a lot especially during this atrocious COVID-19 Pandemic. That small gesture of love and care can go a long way especially when the there’s just so much negativity and isolation around us. Here are 5 Ways to Share the Love and #ShowTheLove during this Pandemic (with a geeky twist)!

  1. Console Gaming with the whole family

One way of bonding with the family during this lockdown is through gaming. And you don’t even have to have Internet to do that. Just get your trusty console game whether its a Playstation 4 or Xbox One and pop in a game that can be shared by two players. Even better if you have the Nintendo Switch, you can go up to four players on a single game.

2. Conference Calls and Watch Parties

It’s a new term but its the same thing. Its watching a popular or trending film or series on Netflix with the whole family. And while its common, thanks to the digital age, its becoming increasingly rare that these things happen. Nowadays, every member of the family is busy doing their own thing. You can bond and show your love for each other now by streaming a movie and enjoying each other’s company. And if one member’s far away, you can also do a watch party which can be done with various software online.

3. Lounge around and listen to music

Way before the age of television, everybody was inclined to sit by the living room and listen to music. It’s slowly becoming a popular thing to do nowadays with everybody forced to stay at home and indoors. Streaming music is starting to become popular again and its a good way of showing your love to your siblings and parents. It’s also a great way of touching into your parent’s history and favorite music. It can also be a good way to learning more about their story and their past.

4. Cooking

A great bonding and a way to share love between siblings and parents is through cooking or baking. Personally, seeing my family getting busy in the kitchen preparing food makes me happy. And eating the food they prepared with those big smiles makes the meal so much better. It’s not food from Sofitel or any 5-star hotel but you can definitely feel the love. Plus the kids can learn a thing or two about important skills that they can use in the future.

5. Reading 

So reading can go under a number of ways. For starters, you and your family can share the love and show the love by reading books. Whether its YA books or comic books, its not a problem. As long as you get to share stories with each other. They from there you can go and become more creative. A night of Dungeons and Dragons or roleplaying game can be a good thing to do. Not only will the kids squeeze their imagination, they also get to exercise their reading and comprehension and spend time with parents away from their smartphones and tablets!

So there you go, 5 Ways to Share the Love and #ShowTheLove during this Pandemic (with a geeky twist)! Show your loved ones you care by encouraging them to learn more about AIA Philam Life and the different products which can protect them especially during this time of uncertainty. #ShareTheLove today and get a chance to win (enumerate the prizes). Click on this link to refer your friends and family for a free financial consultation.

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  1. Share the Love Customer Referral Raffle Promo shall run from September 3 to November 30, 2020.
  2. By joining the Customer Referral Raffle Promo, each participant agrees to the Terms and Conditions set out in the Official Mechanics to be posted on Philam Life’s official Facebook page.
  3. AIA Philam Life reserves the right to cancel the raffle promo and/or amend the terms of the contest without notice.
  4. AIA Philam Life reserves the right to forfeit the prize or invalidate the win should it be proven that the winner has provided any false information or committed any fraudulent act.
  5. All issues pertaining to the prizes shall be resolved by AIA Philam Life.
  6. No purchase of any Philam Group (AIA Philam Life, BPLAC) product solution is required to participate in the raffle.


Who Can Join

  1. The AIA Philam Life Customer Referral Program is open to all Philippine residents and existing customers, aged 18 years old and above.
  2. All Financial Advisors of AIA Philam Life are disqualified from joining in the raffle promo.
  3. All employees of AIA Philam Life Marketing Department are also disqualified from joining.
  4. All marketing, advertising, and event partners of AIA Philam Life and their relatives up to the 2nd degree of consanguinity are disqualified from joining.


How to Join

  1. Existing customers and prospects (i.e. Referrors) are encouraged to submit their referrals in the Online Referral Form (bit.ly/ShareTheLoveReferralForm) and complete the following mandatory details:


Referrer Information

  • Name
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Referral Information

  • Name
  • Contact Information – Mobile Number, Email Address
  • Data Privacy and Marketing Consent Attestation


  1. The Referror must ensure that he/she has acquired the consent of the referral to share said referral’s information with AIA Philam Life.
  2. Referrals will receive an Email and SMS notification to confirm that they agree to share their information.
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Determination of Winners


  1. Winners will be randomly selected via an electronic raffle draw on a weekly basis. There will be a total of 12 winners of premium gadgets. Schedule of raffle draw and winner announcement is as follows:
  2. Prizes raffled off for the week will be announced and posted in AIA Philam Life Official Facebook page during the start of the week.
  3. A participant may only win once.
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  5. Prizes are non-transferrable, non-convertible to cash, and winners must present a valid Government ID upon claiming.
  6. Any expense for the claiming and enjoyment of the prizes shall be for the account of the winner.
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