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Batman # 101 Spoilers – Batman isn’t rich anymore

Batman #101 spoilers today as we take a look at the sad state of Bruce Wayne/ Batman at the end of the Joker War by James Tynion IV and Guillem March.

Before we proceed… SPOILER ALERT

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So the tl;dr of Joker War was that The Joker took over Gotham City (legally) and managed to steal Bruce Wayne’s money and technology. He then used that to fund an army of clowns to destroy Gotham but Batman managed to save it just in time. Meanwhile Catwoman and a bunch of other rogues were able to steal back Wayne’s money and Selina Kyle double crossed them and brought it back to Wayne’s control.

So in this issue, after a brief fight with Grifter, Batman meets up with Lucius Fox to see what’s going to happen. Selina returned the money to Fox rather than directly to Bruce Wayne.

So what happens now is that Joker publicly announced that the money and tech came from Wayne Enterprise putting the blame on Wayne and his board of directors.So when the money was returned, they didn’t let Wayne hold it. Fox has been holding the money for awhile and waiting for Wayne’s decision. He also couldn’t spend the money for Batmobiles and tech because its being monitored and every dollar needs to be noted.

By allowing this to happen, Bruce effectively becomes a very budget-conscious vigilante. And like what Fox has stated, no more rockets and fancy suits. He breaks the Batmobile, he needs to replace it and all that.

Towards the end of the issue, Bruce and Selina agree to part ways once more (but they are still a couple) to sort out the new mess they’ve gotten in to. Wayne has decided to live in a brownstone property within Gotham City while Catwoman will be doing her own thing to sort out her enemies and what to do next.

So in a nutshell, yes, Batman is poor now after The Joker War.

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