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Respect Donny Pangilinan Trending thanks to fans who call out Youtuber’s recent malicious comments

The hashtag Respect Donny Pangilinan is currently trending on Twitter thanks to fans of the actor and their disdain for a youtuber and a content she posted on her Youtube channel.

So the tl;dr is that fans didn’t like what Youtuber Rana Harake (related to Zeinab Harake) did a vlog about “Jojowain or Totropahin” vlog which she used to prank her husband. During the vlog, she mentioned Pangilinan with rather questionable words.

Check out the video below:

And then this is what a number of admins from various fans wrote about Twitter.

I really don’t know how this will go down but this is definitely something that she be tackled too.

Also I don’t think the youtuber would be affected by this. If anything, I feel like they all thrive on this sort of thing (which makes me an unwitting accomplice for even posting context and all) but all things aside, we wish this could be resolved peacefully and amicably.

 Checked out some of the posts on Twitter regarding this topic:

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