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Ryan Ottley departs from Amazing Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man’s regular artist Ryan Ottley has announced his departure from the book which is still written by Nick Spencer.

Here’s what he wrote on his Facebook account:

I decided to jump off of Amazing Spider-Man.

It just comes down to me simply wanting to work on other projects. Amazing Spider-Man was my first comic I ever bought as a kid, it was what I thought was the best superhero ever made. So I always wanted to fulfill that fantasy to be the ASM artist one day. And now with around two years on Amazing Spider-Man and 20 issues under my belt, I feel like I’ve gotten my fill and want to have other projects to work on, other characters I’d like to play with. My last Spider-Man issue is ASM 850. I hope you like it! Thank you to the ASM team, super happy to work with Nick Spencer, Cliff Rathburn, Nathan Fairbairn, Laura Martin, and editors Nick Lowe and Kathleen Wisneski.

I will be back at Marvel soon on a new project I’m very excited about! Currently doing pre-production designs. 🕷 ❤️

Check out the original post below:

We’ll definitely miss the guy and hopefully he comes back really soon. Also wondering if this departure is related with the recent reveal of Ottley’s co-creation “Invincible” together with Robert Kirkman for Skybound/Image Comics. Whatever the case, we wish him well and his time with Spidey sure was fun!

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