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5 Things to Know about the Masked Singer Pilipinas on TV5

TV5 is starting to gain traction in the past few days and they have released more details and information about several shows coming later this month. One of those shows is a local adaptation of Masked Singer Pilipinas which they are airing in collaboration with Viva and Sari Sari Productions.

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  1. The show is going to be one of the first “new” shows that will come out during and after the pandemic. They have started production for the show which will be similar to the Korean version and will be a face-off competition.

masked singer

2. The show has a good lineup of judges with varying range. This show will feature big names like :

Aga Muhlach

Matteo Guidicelli

Christine Reyes

Kim Molina

3. Billy Crawford will be hosting this show.

He says that aside from wearing new shoes every episode, he’s also driven to work now due to his new family. Remember he and his wife, Coleen Garcia Crawford, had a new baby. He and Christine also share the same sentiments about moving to TV5 about being “almost home” with all the familiar people also working in TV5 now.

4. They took all the necessary precautions and will continue to do so as the show progresses

Whether its the judges or the host or the crew. They are all doing their part to make sure that the set is COVID-19 free. During the presscon, you can observe the distance between each of the judges have with each other. They are also assuring everybody that the same thing is happening with the contestants.

5. The mystery contestants

Speaking of contestants, this is an interesting show because the host as well as the judges will never know who they are. Its been revealed during the presscon that the contestants will be using voice changers to hide their identities and will only be using their real voices when they perform.

I’m not sure with the footage they released but from what I’m seeing, the whole “Masked Singer” thing is a MASCOT and not just a mask. This is a departure from the source material and should be interesting.

Masked Singer Pilipinas is slated for release October 24 on TV5.

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