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Get up to 50% off on Ace Hardware’s Launch on Shopee during 10.10 Brands Festival Sale

Ace Hardware is joining the celebrations happening during the Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival Sale and they are doing it in style by dropping the prices by as much as 50% on that specific date, 10/10. Check out what some of the items are that are getting major discounts!

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The Dowell Desk Fan is currently priced at ₱947. This desk fan was originally sold through the online selling platform at ₱1895 and still is one of the best sellers amongst the Ace Hardware inventory. In fact, before publishing, the product was already sold out but enough stocks are now available so everybody can get their hands at this incredibly affordable desk fan.


FIREFLY Rechargeable Fan W/ Night Light 7in. FEL-654

In case you’re looking for something that’s a little more ready compared to other fans then you may want to pick out the Firefely rechargeable table fan with night light which is priced at ₱499 from the original price of ₱1000. Again, 50% off on the product. This would come in handy in various situations including those pesky brownouts that last for a few hours. This will also be helpful in natural disasters like storms and floodings when light is crucial.

This rechargeable fan also features USB charging capabilities, is flame retardant and has overcharge and overdischarge protection. It also runs on a Lithium-Ion battery with 10W, 3.7 volt battery.

Bosch GO 2 (Cordless Screwdriver)

In case you wanted to add a cordless screwdriver to your workshop then now would be a good time with the Bosch Go 2 which is priced at ₱2,240 from the original price ₱3,200.

Here’s the product description:

  • Easy to Control
  • Dual Activation Mode
  • Precise Power

Don’t forget to add these items to your shopping cart for the 10.10 Brands Festival happening tomorrow. Download the Shopee app today for Google Play and Apple App Store. Or you can also visit the Shopee website and log in today!

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