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Perfectly set-up your working and learning space at home

Working and learning from home is hardly something new as even way before the pandemic hit, quite a handful of companies were already allowing some of their employees to work from home, at least once every week, while schools were offering a home study option. What the pandemic did though was make it an unplanned requirement for the bigger majority, thus people had to instantly re-purpose a space in their house and turn it into a place where they can work or study at, every day.

Telecommuting though does offer many advantages, including the flexibility to set up a good home-office, complete with all the bells and whistles, needed in making it a highly effective and productive space to work and learn at, from the comforts of home.

But what does it really take to have a good home office set up? First and foremost is to have the right equipment, the actual physical setup of the work and learn space is crucial. The three most basic equipment to have are: a working and reliable laptop, a stable internet connection, and of course, an economical printer that can print a large number of pages, does not consume a lot of ink, and most of all, affordable to buy and maintain.

Now, some people might say that they will not need a printer at home but in actuality, having a multifunction printer that can print, copy, and scan is still very much needed in today’s work and learning spaces. For the working professional, contracts, spreadsheets, and reports still need to be printed. While for students, work sheets and learning modules likewise need to be in hard copy. And since no one can really say when this pandemic will end, nor working back at the office will resume, then having a printer at home is a very good investment indeed.

An interesting fact nowadays is printers are much more affordable now then a few years back. Laser printers in fact, are also more affordable now, a lot sturdier, more economical, and produces really nice colored and black & white printouts.

One of the latest laser printers that has received very good reviews is the HP Neverstop Laser printer. It is a smart printer and can actually print wirelessly via the HP Smart App. It is also HP’s very first toner tank printer and comes pre-loaded with a free 2-Pack Black Reload Kit that can print as many as 10,000 pages. Besides having a laptop, stable internet, and a printer, a well-designed home office should also have natural lighting, plants or greenery, enough space to walk around and stretch from time to time, and most of all, be comfortable, so invest in a good-sized desk and an ergonomic office chair, to make your work or study from home as painless, comfy, and relaxing, as it should be. Visit the stores near you and get your HP Neverstop Laser Printer today! Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-105299 Series of 2020.

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