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Batman # 99 Spoilers – Joker Reveals his WayneTech powered Batsuit (The Joker War Part 5)

The Joker War continues to ravage Gotham City and Joker reveals what’s in that suitcase he’s been holding up since he stole everything from Bruce Wayne and Batman. Batman # 99 spoilers abound!

This issue was written by James Tynion IV with art by Jorge Jimenez. Spoiler alert is in full effect!

spoiler alert photo

Here’s the gist for this Batman # 99 spoilers post:

Batman regroups with the Bat-Family and get their marching orders. Joker makes his way to ACE Chemical for his final showdown for this story arc with Batman. Catwoman, Penguin and Riddler start their heist against the Joker too. Harley Quinn and Batman have a sad confrontation on what needs to be done with Joker. Harley also makes fun of Tim Drake’s new codename.

And here’s what the Clown Prince of Crime looks with a Waynetech powered Batman suit…

Also, the next chapter will be the milestone Batman # 100 which features a bevy of big name artists and writers. Plus its the conclusion of Joker War.

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