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HP delivers unparalleled safety in its Business PCs with high-grade security features including the HP EliteBook 800 G7

As employees carry on in working from home, people learn to realize the vulnerabilities that come with the setup. One of these is that cybersecurity threats seem to be more apparent, with teams connecting to their personal networks and company devices exposed outside the secure office environment.

Enjoy high-grade security features as you work from home with the HP ProBook 400 series G7.

Combating the spread of security threats, endpoint devices become the first line of defense, while hardware-based PC security is now essential more than ever. Understanding the risks involved, the security solutions engineered into HP Business PCs are designed to protect one’s activities, even if they are working from home.

From the moment the PC is switched on, the security products in the HP Security Stack are already working together in the background to protect one’s business, so they can continue to work, browse, click, and view, without fearing for their safety.

With HP Business PCs, they can keep their laptops protected 24/7 as HP Sure Sense come into play. Sure Sense is the HP security solution that uses Deep Learning AI (artificial intelligence) with malware protection capabilities that are light years ahead. It scans files and detects new and traditional threats instinctively, and keeps the PC protected in real-time. HP Sure Sense works in sync with HP Sure Run, which keeps the laptop safe 24/7 whether or not it is online.

As employees work from home unmonitored, many tend to access several apps on the go, sometimes on untrusted networks. HP Sure Click provides a revolutionary solution developed through the collaboration of HP and Bromium — the pioneers of application isolation using patented microvirtualization technology.

HP Sure Click is a hardware-based, secure browsing solution within the OS (operating system) that effectively isolates web content in a virtual machine that malware cannot strike. It shrugs off browser-borne attacks and protects the users as they work and play, delivering unparalleled user experience backed up by top-notch security and privacy.

HP also protects its Business PCs from end-to-end. This is made possible with HP Sure Start, which ensures the PC’s safety from its most fundamental level. It also works in concert with the HP Security Controller, so when any form of tampering is detected, the computer self-heals from any malware or corruption to automatically be replaced with clean and fully functional BIOS.

Lastly, working remotely means that not everyone has access to an IT professional whenever they encounter tech problems. But with HP Sure Recover built into the system’s hardware and firmware, users can restore their machines conveniently anytime, anywhere, using only a network connection.

With HP Security Stack working together to secure your activities, one can continue to work remotely with safety and convenience without sacrificing performance. These security features from HP are available in the HP ProBook 400 series G7, which combines power and elegance to deliver productivity in style, and the HP EliteBook 800 G7, an ultra-slim convertible laptop that guarantees unparalleled security and mobility.

Combine productivity and security like no other with the HP EliteBook 800 G7.

Work from home safely and securely with HP Business PCs. Order your HP ProBook 400 or the HP EliteBook 800 G7 now here https://forms.gle/4QW9ADFLwQRjaFrW8.

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