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JBL CLUB 950NC Review

I recently got my hands on the JBL Club 950NC which is part of the JBL Club Range of headphones and I must say, this is one product that gives you superior audio quality without breaking the bank. Check out my JBL Club 950NC review here on thefanboyseo.com!

jbl club 950nc

jbl club 950nc

You can check out some of the features and functions for this amazing headphones by clicking this link HERE.

And now that that’s done, let’s dive into this JBL CLUB 950NC Review!

Check out my JBL CLUB 950NC Unboxing video too…

Design Thoughts

This over-ear headphone is such a treat to wear thanks to the cushioning in both the earpads and the headband. I love the overall shape for the finish. Its not so painful for prolonged usage unlike other headphones out in the market today where after a few hours, your ears start to get these weird painful feeling. 


I also liked how the ear cups were designed to have all the necessary buttons on both sides. You just have to get used to where the Bluetooth button on the left side. But more than that, it puts everything in order especially if you want to fully utilize the use of these headphones. 

More on the controls on the earcups. The left ear houses the power button, the Bluetooth pairing button as well as the button that helps you shift between ANC or the Ambient mode. Also placed in this is the audio cable jack and the LED indicator. And if you want a fully interactive, online interface using the 950NC, you can click on the JBL logo on the side to connect to either your Google Assistant or Alexa to ask a question.


For the right earcup you have the charging cable slot (type c), the volume control and the call management button. This is also the side with the Bass Boost button.


One problem that I encountered here is that the volume buttons are also the navigation keys. You sometimes fumble with the controls when listening to music i.e. you skip a track rather than go backward or forward within a track.

The Club 950NC is also in the heavy side. Sure you can use it during quick jogs and all that but its really designed more for productivity and even gaming. It doesn’t give you that “ngawit” feeling when in your neck or your head but its really heavy. 

Still part of the design is the protective hardcase that comes along with the headphones which I really, really adore. 

I’m also glad that they made it collapsible to keep it more mobile and portable. The hinges also feels very tough enough that; like they don’t show any sign of breaking anytime soon especially when they swivel from left to right. The wires are made of durable nylon, its not cumbersome or a nuisance at all.

Battery Life

I’ve had crappy Bluetooth headphones in the past that plunks out at around 4 hours of usage which is really annoying. But for this one, I actually used this headphone set for an entire day, with various levels of use. Its got amazing output for basic content like Youtube videos and Facebook videos. Really loved watching “Cobra Kai” too using this headphones; so Netflix and streaming platforms are OK to view with this. 

My old concern here is editing videos and doing basic sound mixing and arrangements on my computer. I really did think that this is where the 950NC would have problems and could even push the battery life to the limit. God, was I thankful I was wrong. Not only did the headphones provide strong audio for video editing, its clear enough to let you hear all the sounds that you may have missed while recording and doing the initial playback. 


jbl club app

To maximize the musical experience, JBL also makes good with their app. For starters, there are several modes you can choose from to help improve your listening. Another good thing here is that the app works with either Google or Apple. It also unlocks several features that you may not be able to access with the regular use.

The JBL Headphones App is a one-size-fits-all app that will recognize the Club 950NC and unlock certain features.

Here’s what you get when you install the JBL app.

On the home screen, after connecting the 950NC to the app and the phone via Bluetooth. You get to choose between two modes, the Ambient Mode and the Talk Thru mode.

Here’s a look at the JBL app; where you get to choose the type of sound you get

Click on Ambient Aware/ Smart Ambient and the headphones easily turns off the noise cancelling feature, letting you hear your surroundings while listening to your favorite music.

Talk Thru option pretty much turns off the volume for the music so you can converse with other people. It’s the easy and convenient version of lowering the volume back when you were using analog headphones.

Noise Cancelling feature is one of the best I’ve ever experienced. The JBL CLUB 950NC completely removes any noise from your surrounding to allow you to really enjoy the music or the movie you are watching.

The app also allows you to choose from the musical settings of the JBL DJs that are collaborating on the product and the brand i.e. Tigerlily.

You can also customize the EQ settings and shift on the fly to your custom settings…

Product Performance

In terms of Noise Cancellation, its pretty good considering the price point of the product. But if you want just good to great NC on your headphones then this is definitely for you. I tried this outside, specifically on a supermarket with that annoying Puregold jingle and it works. It works also good with basic traffic noises. And like your other ANC headphones, there’s that ever-present “hiss” that you can hear the same as other brands.

Musical Impact

The 950NC’s bass worked extremely well for me for hip-hop tracks with styles and beats similar to Kanye West. 


I tested the beats and sythesizer sounds and how it impacts the listening experience with Steve Aoki’s “Last of Me” and I’m blown away by the sound quality. Some brands tend to falter with the higher notes and beats. Rock/ Alternative

If you’re a fan of Led Zeppelin and you listen on FLAC and other formats, you’ll be happy to know that it works great. You get clear drum beats and even Jimmi Page’s guitar playing is very, very clear. The same experience for Queen and songs like “Bohemian Rhapsody”


OK, so I’m not a full-blown music buff but I can tell you that the noise cancellation features are AWESOME if you want to sit down and enjoy every harmony and note for classical music. It was such a relaxing experience to turn on the ANC/ and just immerse yourself in classical music.

JBL CLUB 950NC Review Verdict

Overall, the JBL ClUB 950NC is a headphone made with the right balance of customer care and moving things further. Considering I only have the “mid-ranger” I still feel like its giving me a good deal with my money without sacrificing the quality. I want something that’s not as pricey but could match performance with super high end brands and I get this from JBL. 

Of note here is the solid bass system they used for the headphones, the outstanding battery life.

Lastly, I just want to write how awesome it is to listen to anime tracks with the Club. Particularly loved playing “Golden Wind” over and over again.

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