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Marvel Contest of Champions Brings About Apocalypse and House of X in Rise of X Event

Kabam’s long running mobile game Contest of Champions is bringing about some of the main characters from the recent hi House of X and Powers of X in the new event titled Rise of X.

Here’s what Kabam wrote about this new event for Contest of Champions:

Charles Xavier makes his presence known throughout the Battlerealm with a bold proposition: recognize mutant autonomy and the sovereignty of their new nation Krakoa, and you will be rewarded with unimaginable medical marvels.

Unimpressed by Professor X’s message of hope and peace, Iron Man suspects something more sinister lurking below the surface of Krakoa’s tropical paradise. However, some secrets are better left buried, as Tony Stark’s investigation into the origins of Xavier’s Mutant utopia brings him face to face with a might immortal!

Check out the trailer Marvel and Kabam put up also to promote the event.

It was also been revealed that Apocalypse and House of X Xavier will be a playable characters sometime in September. The “Rise of X” event will be available starting September 2. Now word yet on when the two heads of the main houses in the island of Krakoa would appear but I’m guessing around 3rd week or 4th week of the month.

Magneto is another topic entirely because he’s already been a part of the game’s roster for awhile now. Well, with the new Rise of X event, Magneto will be getting some good changes to his build and stats. Check them out below.

We also get a reissued House of X # 1 comic book drawn by Pepe Larraz with a tie-up the Marvel Contest of Champions.

Download the game for free on Android and Apple!

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