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New Mecha arrives in Super Mecha Champions! Boltus, The Manipulator of Lightning

Super Mecha Champions, the critically acclaimed Mecha battle game released by NetEase Games has been recommended numerous times in multiple online stores and was chosen as the “Google Play Best Innovative Game of 2019”. Through continuous improvement, optimization and with the addition of new modes and content, players find themselves with a million reasons to keep playing the game!

July was a hot month full of heated Mecha battles. Super Mecha Champions will be receiving an update, and the new Mecha “Boltus” will make its appearance! Players will be able to pilot this new Mecha, and claim victory by flying through the tall buildings of Mecha City, and by outwitting and outmaneuvering their opponents.


Manipulate Lightning and Defeat Your Enemies with the New Mecha “Boltus

Boltus not only has a SCI-FI appearance but it is also capable of manipulating lightning. Boltus excels at mid-range combat, damaging opponents with balls of lightning that fire from its main weapon. Meanwhile, its sub-weapon shoots lightning beams that deal instantaneous damage, triggering a chain lighting effect giving the surroundings of the enemy hit, extra damage. In its high-speed dash form it even becomes invulnerable, impervious to Mecha collisions.

Furthermore, enemies hit by its lightning ball or its charge will receive 1 mark, while those hit by its lightning bolt will receive 2 marks. When an enemy has 5 marks, Boltus will automatically summon lightning to deal extra damage to the marked enemy. This mechanism will require players to always pay more attention to marks during battle, creating a strategic battle environment with more variables.

How will Boltus fare in Mecha City and what sparks will it create with other Mecha? Come find out in the updated  Super Mecha Champions!

Super Mecha Champions is dedicated to bringing you nonstop improvement, and SMC agents will be bringing more and more new events, modes, content, stylish new Mecha, skins and more! Stay tuned!



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