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Jen Bartel shares her cover work for Power Rangers Ranger Slayer # 1

Check out the artwork for the Power Rangers Ranger Slayer # 1 cover done by the awesome Jen Bartel!

As with all the MMPR/ Power Rangers covers Boom Studios has been hashing out, we get two versions of the character. One is the masked version as seen above. There’s also an unmasked version both drawn by Bartel.

Check out the original post from Twitter below:

So basically this story is set after “Shattered Grid” and “Beyond the Grid” and focuses on Kimberly Hart returning to the “Coinless World” where she did a lot of damagge while under the control of Lord Drakkon. Apparently this is going to be the character’s redemption arc.

You can check out more details about the adventures of the Ranger Slayer in this interview with the creative team for the one-shot.

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