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Transformers War for Cybertron S1E1 Review – Siege

Netflix dropped a new Transformers series last week and we start posting reviews and reactions to it starting with my Transformers War for Cybertron S1E1 review. The episode is titled “Siege” and is now available for streaming on Netflix.

There are spoilers here so SPOILER ALERT

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First off, the art is really impressive here. Its a seamless blend of CG with a dash of a little classic animation. Plus the nostalgia here is really big. The first few minutes focuses on Bumblebee and Wheeljack in their classic G1 forms as they scour one particular ruin for Energon. They discover something more and are ambushed by Jetfire and the seekers including Starscream.

You can tell from this alone that they already have big plans for the character arcs for both ‘Bee and Jetfire. But sadly, you can already tell what trope Bumblebee would follow which is the reluctant character who gets into arguments with the big boss.

Jetfire’s confused motivations also show up in a few seconds later when they decide on killing the two autobots. It pops out again when Megatron appears, chides Wheeljack and leaves with the order to execute them. Jetfire hesitates and that is a sign that he’s going face turn somewhere down the line.

We get a good intro for Optimus Prime here as well with him making a last minute save. There’s a bit of meaty (no pun intended) dialogue between the two steel warrior-leaders which ends in a fight where Megatron soundly trounces Optimus Prime’s ass.

We also get to see “War for Cybertron” Elita-1 who helps in the escape. I’d like to say daring but its really so-so in terms of plot. We do get to see a negative trait for Optimus Prime. He’s very stubborn and can be reckless from time to time. But that’s OK because this is still a younger Optimus anyway.

The Autobots return to base, we use Bumblebee as POV as to why the good guys need Energon and a bit of political talk between OP and Ultra Magnus occurs. Ultra Magnus leaves a little pissed off, just like our old friend in past versions. Bumblebee also gets to see the sorry state the Autobots are and outrightly rejects Optimus’ offer to join them then walks out; again tell-tale signs of the trope and plot structure we’ve seen in countless movies and television shows. Don’t worry, he’ll be back. I kinda like this version though but at the top of my list was the movie Bumblebee who’s already a loyal Autobot warrior and a friend to Optimus.

Back in Depecticon HQ we get more details about Jetfire and Starscream’s rivalry as well as plans for Megatron and how he wants to take down Optimus. But what I think they really are doing here is showing Jetfire and his slow character reversal. When there’s nothing that forces him to use his morals he’s very cool and all that but as seen in the opening minutes, the moment he gets into stressful situations, he starts to hesitate. Great stuff.

That ending for “Siege” is also a great doozy but if you’ve been reading between the dialogue, you’ll know there’s a payoff to Ultra Magnus’ actions.

Transformers War for Cybertron S1E1 Review – Siege – Verdict


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