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Umbrella Academy Season 2 Ending Spoilers

It’s time to dissect and discuss the Umbrella Academy season 2 ending spoilers and man was this good or what?

umbrella academy season 2

So here’s a summary of the finale for season 2. Please note that there are spoilers here so a Spoiler Alert is in full effect.

spoiler alert photo

The episode opens with the death of Ben Hargreeves aka The Horror with the siblings mourning with the loss and Reginald chastising them for not being better.

It’s also this moment that Klaus calls Ben’s ghost and he’s been stuck with him ever since.

The siblings have become wanted men and women after the deaths caused in the Dealer Building after the FBI’s torture of Vanya resulting also in an energy surge and being linked to the death of John F Kennedy.

Vanya contacts Sissy on the farm but gets a psychic connection with Harlan whose powers is going whack. Vanya decides to go to the farm and her siblings join her on this errand.

In the farm, Vanya almost pacifies Harlan who is going all super Saiyan with his powers. Outside, Diego and Five confront the Handler and Lila who was made to believe that the death of her parents was solely Five’s fault and now she wants revenge.

The Handler summons all field agents and these agents try to gun down Diego and Five. Allison, Luther and Klaus also hide due to the gunfire. The bullets distract Vanya from saving Harlan which pisses her off and she dispatches all the agents outside.

Handler reveals that Lila also has powers and it looks like she can mirror the powers of whoever she’s dealing with as she blasted Vanya with the same energy she uses. She blinks just like Five and can mirror Rumor’s powers.

Five and Lila go one on one but before she gets to kill Five, it’s revealed that the hit on her parents were orchestrated by Handler for her to get her hands on Lila and turn her into her personal tool. The Hargreeves surround Lila and Diego tries to convince her to join them. They are gunned down by Handler who in turn is gunned down by theast remaining Swede. Lila gets confirmation that the Handler did have her parents killed to get her as a child.

The Swede then gets ready to kill Five who survived the previous shooting. Five uses his time travel powers to return a few seconds before they were gunned down and stops Handler. She gets gunned down by the Swede while Lila escapes using the briefcase.

The Swede calls a truce with the Umbrella Academy and leaves the farm. Vanya returns to Harlan and manages to get her powers back.

Herb and Dot from the Commission touch base with Diego and Five and they get A briefcase to go back to 2019. And its also revealed that the Commission will be electing a new board soon with Herb sitting as interim director since Handler already ate AJ too.

The siblings have their own moments with Luther trying to call Jack Ruby who was about to commit suicide. Ray Chestnut reads a letter from Allison, Diego pines for Lila, Vanya says goodbye to Sissy who won’t join her in the future while Klaus says goodbye to Ben and Dave in his own way.

The Hargreeves returns to 2019 a day after the first season Apocalypse and is greeted by Reginald Hargreeves.

Diego spots a portrait of Ben…

and Reginald (who is apparently alive in this timeline)…

reveals that he made an alternate reality team called the Sparrow Academy…

Sparrow academy first appearance in Umbrella academy season 2

The Sparrow Academy

…led by an adult Ben.

Ben is alive in Umbrella Academy season 2

The Umbrella Academy is now streaming on Netflix with two seasons already uploaded. Check out my Umbrella Academy season 2 review with no spoilers too while we’re on the subject! What did you think of the season? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo!

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  1. November 13, 2020

    […] About The Umbrella Academy S2: Five warned his family (so, so many times) that using his powers to escape from Vanya’s 2019 apocalypse was risky. Well, he was right – the time jump scatters the siblings in time in and around Dallas, Texas. Over a three year period. Starting in 1960. Some, having been stuck in the past for years, have built lives and moved on, certain they’re the only ones who survived. Five is the last to land, smack dab in the middle of a nuclear doomsday, which – spoiler alert! – turns out is a result of the group’s disruption of the timeline (déjà vu, anyone?). Now the Umbrella Academy must find a way to reunite, figure out what caused doomsday, put a stop to it, and return to the present timeline to stop that other apocalypse. All while being hunted by a trio of ruthless Swedish assassins. But seriously, no pressure or anything. […]

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