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Catriona Gray Asks NBI for Help over Fake Catriona Gray Nude Photo

Miss Universe Catriona Gray is apparently fed up with all that bullshit about her having nude photos online and now she’s looking for help from the National Bureau of Intelligence or NBI to help her in finding the culprit.

Gray made her way to the NBI office together with her legal counsel, Christopher Liquigan, who did the talking regarding those fake topless photos of Catriona Gray that has been maliciously spreading across the Internet.

NBI Deputy Director Vicente de Guzman III had assured the former Miss Universe titlist that the investigators would find and reveal the culprits behind the fake photo doing the rounds on the Internet. De Guzman was quoted saying:

“The reason why the NBI is conducting an investigation is to determine the persons accountable for its posting in the social media. Kahit sino tamaan niyan icha-charge namin. “

In the meantime, the lawyer said Gray’s camp is “actively coordinating with authorities to hold accountable whoever is behind this scheme and face penal sanctions accordingly.”

I’m actually surprised she hasn’t made a move on her ex-boyfriend Clint Bondad and his seriously cryptic and a bit creepy Instagram stories; Gray’s rumored boyfriend Sam Milby had already commented on the topic and the beauty queen herself somewhat commented on those IG stories with an IG story of her own too over the weekend.

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