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Grifter Set to Join Batman Cast after “Joker War” starting with Batman #101

Wildstorm has been visibly absent for awhile now but they do peek from time to time like the case of Cole Cash aka Grifter who is set to join the supporting cast of James Tynion IV’s Batman run.

According to the recent solicit for Batman # 101, Grifter will be joining the book as Lucius Fox’s head of security as the cast reel from the effects of The Joker War where Joker has gained access of everything that Bruce Wayne owns including the Batman tech and more and uses them to wreak havoc on Gotham City.

The coming of Grifter to the Batman book is well-received and DC Comics is looking to cash in on the hype with two covers for issue 101 which you can check below.

And check the solicits as well…

  • BATMAN #101
  • written by JAMES TYNION IV
  • art and cover by GUILLEM MARCH
  • card stock variant cover by FRANCESCO MATTINA
  • 1:25 card stock variant cover by JORGE JIMENEZ
  • Wonder Woman 1984 variant cover by J. SCOTT CAMPBELL
  • ON SALE 10/20/20
  • US A new day dawns in Gotham and the horrors of “The Joker War” are just being realized. A bold new direction for Batman begins as Bruce Wayne’s circumstances are forever changed. How did the Joker’s rampage affected the citizens of the city? And why does Cole Cash—a.k.a.—Grifter, now work for Lucius Fox?!

We don’t know what’s his deal for reappearing in Gotham City but this will definitely tease a team up and possibly a good fight with the Dark Knight.

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