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Here’s Catriona Grey’s response to Clint Bondad’s wild Instagram stories

The past few days, one of the more trending topics is the story of Catriona Grey’s ex-boyfriend Clint Bondad and his very cryptic Instagram story. And now it looks like Catriona is firing back via Instagram as well.

Before we look at Catriona’s post, let’s take a look at what Clint had posted recently, specifically after getting dumped for Kapamilya actor Sam Milby.

The dude has been talking about weapons and all sorts of dark thoughts lately which has become a topic for people to discuss or talk about.

Here’s another one.

Many people are thinking that Bondad’s post are a cry for help. Others think that he’s just trying to get attention. Whether this has merit or truth to it is still something up in the air and only the celebrity can answer.

So what about Catriona? She posted this on her own Instagram account.

She took lyrics from a Christian song with a nice reference to a weapon.

Sadly we really won’t know the whole story of who dumped who and whether or not she really did cheat on him for Sam Milby. Guess we have to stay tuned for the next chapter of this story.

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