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Will You be getting this Ramen-themed Face Mask?

Check out this funny ramen-themed face mask which would be perfect at this time when the COVID-19 pandemic is at it’s peak!

This was created by user Takiro Shibata who said ” I made a mask for people with glasses. The cloudier your glasses are, the hotter the ramen looks. It is easy to use. There’s nothing better than this.”

And it actually does look like its good for people with glasses because it makes that ramen really enticing. Check out what it looks like when there’s nobody wearing it.

This is actually a great facemask to wear when you want to break the ice or you want attention drawn to you. I wouldn’t advice on wearing this though when you plan on walking in the mid-day or you find yourself in a very humid environment. Still its pretty cool and that narutomaki just takes the cake!

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