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Marvel Future Fight Goes Immortal Hulk

Netmarble’s new event for the game Marvel Future Fight focuses this time on Bruce Banner and his “family” as we visit the gamma infused world of Immortal Hulk.

So we’ll be getting new skins for three characters and two brand new additions to the game’s already expansive roster.

For starters, players can purchase a new skin for the Hulk based on his Immortal Hulk appearance.

This new skin features a bunch of new skills and a more menacing looking version of the Green Goliath.

You can even see how terrifying Devil Hulk is in this side by side.

She-Hulk also gets a new skin based on her current look from the current volume of Avengers by Jason Aaron.

It’s actually the white and purple combat attire she’s been wearing around while with the Avengers.

Amadeus Cho is another Hulk character that gets a new skin players can purchase. This skin is the Brawn look he’s currently sporting in the Agents of Atlas book.

This one is skinnier than the other versions of the character and looks like we get new attacks/skills.

The new characters that are joining Future Fight for the same time includes:

Red She Hulk

Betty Ross Banner got turned into a Hulk after the events of Civil War due to the long running classic villain The Leader. And yes, she lost her powers to Hulk out thanks to Bruce Banner and another persona called Doc Green.


The original Abomination also joins FF. This guy is huge and would pretty much be like other big characters in the game like Juggernaut.

And also take note that the three characters with new skins would cost around 1050 crystals as part of a sale.

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