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LOOK: New Normal Wedding accepts Paymaya and bank transfers

Check out this neat little wedding under the new normal banner and it features QR payments and transfers frlm PayMaya as well as BDO deposits.

So obviously cash can be a carrier for the COVID-19 so it’s best to stay away from money as much as possible.

This was the reason why the newlyweds posted these details on the LED board behind them. It includes Paymaya transfers, QR codes and BDO transfer.

Check out the screenshot posted by Cliff Corsit on Facebook.

This is a good thing in terms of advancing cashless and digital payments in the country. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with giving money to the newlyweds, it’s a tradition. We’re actually lucky here because in the west, they have a specific amount of money that should be met and given to the bride and groom.

I look forward to attending to weddings like this in the near future, but not right now because there’s still a pandemic happening outside.

What do you guys think?

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