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Discover New Music and Follow Inspiring Artists with HUAWEI Y5p and Y6p

Hey music lovers, as everyone adjusts to the new normal, try going digital and share your talent with your friends in most effective ways using AppGallery. This app distribution platform offers a list of best music and dance apps that will keep you motivated in creating contents while in quarantine.

Download these apps on your HUAWEI Y6p, Y5p or any Huawei device for FREE via AppGallery and enjoy music and entertainment that suits your taste.



Great for entertainment, WeSing is one of the best social karaoke apps that lets you and your friends sing anytime and anywhere. You can choose from a million of songs, record awesome videos and share with more than 50 million music lovers. WeSing turns your HUAWEI Y5p and Y6p smartphones into a proper karaoke machine. With this app, you can also duet with artists and share your videos on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and more.

Join WeSing’s global community of music lovers and downlad it now for FREE on AppGallery.


Find all the music you love with lyrics and translations using Musixmatch. This app offers the largest collection of song lyrics used by millions of people to get instant synchronised lyrics for YouTube, Spotiy, SoundCloud and more. You can also tap on real-time notification to display Floating Lyrics widget and get the current track’s lyrics. Searching for your favorite songs is easier by typing the title, artist or even just using single line of the lyrics.

Download Musixmatch on AppGallery and enjoy smartest ways that will help you find new tunes for your next song covers!


Guitar Gang

For music lovers who finds fun in playing the guitar chords, you have to check this out. Guitar Gang is an app that offers over 2000 offline lyrics and chords right in your pocket. You can play on this like a pro with cord suggestions. Popular but difficult songs are made easier with simplified versions. Like other Guitar Gang members, you too can upload your own recording and become a great guitar play in the shortest time possible.

Get Guitar Gang app for FREE on AppGallery!

Wish 107.5

To many Filipinos, Wish 107.5 is one of the best FM radio stations where you can find music inspirations. It is a good thing that there is a Wish 1075 App now where you can listen to Wish FM 107.5’s mini-live concerts, wish-granting shows and music programming on your HUAWEI Y6p, Y5p and other Huawei devices. This will bring you one app access to the Philippine radio station’s live audio-streaming of all its musical programming. This quality offering is expected to trail blaze the industry.

Explore Wish 1075 app on AppGallery and be inspired by your favorite local artists.



From left: Pop Dance Line, Dance Music Radios, Dance Rhytm, Zumba Dance Workouts

From dance games, best dance hits streamed on dance radio, dance workouts, and instructional videos, AppGallery got you covered. Huawei’s app market will surely be loved by dance beginners and those really passionate about graceful movements. Pop Dance Line is a rhythm game, Dance Music Radios offer the best variety of dance music on radio, Dance Rhythm teaches users with new dance styles, and the Zumba Dance Workouts are perfect for those looking to stay fit.

All these new finds are available via Huawei AppGallery.


Buy HUAWEI Y6p and Y5p and Get Exclusive Freebies!

HUAWEI Y6p and Y5p are the best budget phones you can get this year. These smartphones are developed to cater your social and entertainment needs.


The HUAWEI Y6p boasts 5000mAh powerful battery, 13MP Triple Camera and 64GB Large Storage. It has a 6.3″ Dewdrop Display that provides a wide and immersive visual experience. This smartphone can also be used as a one-way reverse charger to refuel other phones effortlessly. What’s even cooler is that it has a Backup Mode that supports two-way backup for data and photos on Android phones.


Giving best experience to music lovers, HUAWEI Y6p has HUAWEI SuperSound which offers Party Mode and built-in FM Radio. The Party Mode feature allows you to make or join a party anytime or anywhere. You can set different Huawei phones to play the same song at the same time for a unique party trick. With the built-in FM radio, users can listen to radio anywhere without earbuds. The Y6p is worth PHP 5990 and it comes in Phantom Purple, Emerald Green and Midnight Black.

The HUAWEI Y5p, on the other hand, has impressive new colors Midnight Black, Phantom Blue and Mint Green. Priced at only PHP 4490, this smartphone boasts a 32GB large battery giving you enough space to download more music apps from AppGallery. HUAWEI Y5p also features a 3020mAh large-capacity battery that allows you to watch 17-hour videos, and go on with your busy routines with more confidence without stopping for recharging every few hours. HUAWEI Y5p’s 8MP HD rear camera helps you capture all the worthy moments in life with excellent image quality. It also has an Intelligent AI facial recognition that can unlock HUAWEI Y5p with greater speed and convenience.

When you buy HUAWEI Y6p (PHP 5990) and Y5p (PHP 4490), you will also get exclusive FREEBIES from HUAWEI AppGallery, HUAWEI Cloud, HUAWEI Video and Pesoloan that are valid until June 30, 2020. Hurry and grab this amazing deal!

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