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Is Jiraiya Alive Again in the Boruto Manga

A lot of different source have begun posting an image from the ongoing Boruto manga which features the return of a classic and important character from the Naruto franchise – Jiraiya.

You can check out the image from the new manga chapter below.

boruto jiraiya

So I’m not even going to explain how this happened because I’m so behind in Boruto lore. Maybe this return could pull me back into the manga featuring Naruto’s teenage son.

Remember Jiraiya died in Naruto Shipudden as he was investigating Akatsuki. He went one on one with the “leader” Pain who also ends up being his former student who they left behind when they returned to the Hidden Leaf Village.

You can catch up via this video:

I can show you how Jiraiya died thought, which you can also catch on Youtube.

Oh and Funko will be releasing a nice looking Jiraiya Pop figure together with his frog summon. That might be something you would want to order!

So what do you guys think about Jiraiya alive again? Follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more anime news and updates!

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