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Resident Evil VIII revealed, now with supernatural twist

Capcom’s Resident Evil gains another chapter with the upcoming PlayStation 5 which was also revealed at the Sony PlayStation 5 launch.

It was a very creepy video which is more Silent Hill than traditional Resident Evil to be honest. Hell they even have a werewolf thrown in the mix.

Remember Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 7? The same Chris that is apparently working for Umbrella Corporation by the last game’s ending? Well apparently he too will be making an appearance in RE8.

Chris Redfield

I guess we’ll finally find out if he’s one of the good guys or he’s truly a bad guy this time around.

Reading through some comments that were posted online in various groups, this whole village setting coincides with the supposed Resident Evil 4 remake that fans have been clamoring for since RE2 remake made its way to the market.

Think about it, the locations we see in the trailer for RE8 can be used and tweaked for the remake of Leon Kennedy’s adventure.

Resident Evil 8 Trailer

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  1. June 13, 2020

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