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Dashboard Confessional’s Chris Carraba figured in a serious motorcycle accident

Sending out our prayers to Dashboard Confessional Chris Carraba who updated the band’s fan page to reveal his condition after figuring in a motorcycle accident.

So according to the Facebook post, he got injured from a motorcycle accident. He did assure his fans that his condition isn’t life-threatening. He did say that he may be absent for a little while, probably to recover.

Chris never stated what treatments he will be taking or surgeries that he needs to get. We can only assume that his absence would also be for physical therapy.

He also took the time to comment on the current #BLM or Black Lives Matter where he showed his support to the people who are calling out the government and the police for their brutality.

Again, we really hope he can recover as soon as possible! We really need more Dashboard Confessional music and products.

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