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Peter David shares his sentiments on DC Comics leaving Diamond Comics Distributors

Reknowned comic creator Peter David shared his sentiment over the recent departure of DC Comics from Diamond Comics Distributors which could make some huge ramifications for the comic book industry!

Credits: Peter David on Facebook


Here’s a very short and concise comment on the subject.

DC has just declared war on Marvel Comics.

Oh, they aren’t framing it that way. But they have.

Because DC has just announced that they are severing ties with Diamond Comics. DC represents thirty percent of the market, and there is no way–simply no way–Diamond will be able to survive with that kind of come down in revenue. The mission here is to drive Diamond out of business, which will then cripple Marvel Comics.

And of course stores are now screwed, because they suddenly all have to open accounts with new unknown and untested distribution centers. The ones that managed to hold on during the Covid-19 closures will have considerable trouble surviving.

This is potentially catastrophic.


Check out the original post from his Facebook account below.

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