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And the next TikTok Trend, Banyo Queen Challenge combines Andrew E and Ahegao

Who knew that there would be a time when Andrew E and his song “Banyo Queen” and the very hentai “Ahegao” would crossover, have sex and come up with a new trend. That’s what the new Banyo Queen Challenge tiktok challenge is all about.

banyo queen tiktok challenge undertaker

Apparently this is the current trend on TikTok where they do sing-along some lines from the Andrew E track all the while doing the weird sex face/O-face at a certain point in the video.

According to some sources who use TikTok and share their content on the platform, this new challenge has already been banned in Instagram. How they managed to do that is still something I’m interested in finding out.

banyo queen tiktok challenge screenshot

This has raised some concerns from parents and the more conservative crowd.

Honestly speaking, this challenge is already overboard. I can tolerate the last challenge, the “My Heart Went” challenge but this one involving ahegao looks is just borderline indecent. Yeah, there’s no actual nudity or sex act here but the implications are too much. It also doesn’t help that hapless minors are being influenced to do the same challenge for the sake of likes and popularity on the video app.

What do you guys think about the Banyo Queen challenge on Tiktok? Should parents and guardians start monitoring what kids see on the TikTok app now that these types of challenges have appeared on the platform? Should TikTok be more stringent in monitoring the content their users are generating?

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  1. May 22, 2020

    […] first time TikTok had seen controversy. Just a few weeks ago, they were called out for the “Andrew E/ Banyo Queen challenge” where women were doing videos showing their “O-faces” or “Ahegao” […]

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