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Universal Records denies connection with much maligned Iisang Dagat Music Video

A recent statement from Universal Records reveals that they are not connected in any form to the much-reviled “Iisang Dagat” music video which was released late last week.

Abive you can read the official statement that they released which states that while Chinatown TV approached them for assistance in promoting the video, they declined the offer.

But then they were surprised when they were mentioned in the caption on the video that appeared on social media. No word yet on they have done any real or significant actions for the misuse of their name in this PH-CCP music video.

As of writing this blog post the Iisang Dagat video has a total of 148k dislikes and has been seen around 500,000 times. Recently, one of the talents who made an appearance in the video, Imelda Papin was also criticized by netizens over her appearance in the video.

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