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Youtuber Zeinab Harake COVID-19 Prank Triggers Netizen

Youtube celebrity Zeinab Harake has gotten some fans and supporters angry over her recent vlog where she does a COVID-19 prank.

In the video she says that the episode was filmed specifically for the prank she’ll be playing on her family including her mother, father brother and sister. She tearfully tells them one by one that she has contracted the deadly COVID-19 disease which gets her mother crying.

The video is 18 minutes and I dunno. This is my first time to watch this. I have no words. Content-wise though, this was a just a usual setup. One camera taking a video of her and her reaction and another camera recording what’s on screen to see her relative’s reactions.

The embedded video above was a repost because apparently, Harake had taken down the aforementioned COVID-19 positive video. Probably due to comments on the video as well as from her parents I suppose. So if you want to see the video, just watch it above but don’t expect it to stay up for a long time though.

Check out some of the comments from angry fans after she first published this COVID-19 prank.

“I was one of your fan but seeing this video makes me feel sad. You still have enough time to prank your family despite of this pandemic? There are lots of people mourning for their families who departed caused by this virus pero ginawa mo lang katatawanan. Very wrong. Sorry to say pero hindi naaayon sa sitwasyon ‘yung content mo.” – Anj Toriano

“‘Yung mga pamilya ng NCOV+, PUI’s and PUM’s wishing sana PRANK lang din lahat kasi masakit sa loob na ‘yung mahal mo sa buhay may pinagdadaanang hindi maganda. Lakas pa ng loob mong humingi ng like, share and subscription after ng walang kuwenta mong video.” – Jem Lopez

As of writing this, the COVID-19 cases in the Philippines has hit 6087. We also have a total of 516 recoveries and 397 deaths according to the Philippine Department of Health Facebook page.

You can read more comments on Dailypedia‘s post on this trending story. Leave a comment too.

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