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Artist Stephen Segovia pays tribute to frontliners and medical workers

Let’s take a look at what artist Stephen Segovia recently did for the COVID-19 frontliners and medical workers as a way to pay tribute to them.

covid-19 frontliner tribute by stephen segovia

On his Facebook account, Segovia added a few more stuff in here. Check it out below:

Here’s the uncolored/ raw version, also posted on the Marvel and DC Comics artist.

And here’s Romulo Fajardo’s Facebook post with the colored version of the art.

Segovia has done various works for the big two. For DC Comics he did art for Justice League, Justice League Dark, Deathstroke, Action Comics, Green Lantern Corps, Hal Jordan and the Green Lanterns and more. He is also the current artist for Marvel’s Hellions book which is still part of the ongoing “Dawn of X” storyline.

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