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Castlevania S3E3 Review – Investigators

Here’s thefanboyseo.com’s Castlevania S3E3 review – Investigators which was directed by Sam Deats, written by Warren Ellis and featuring the voices of Richard Armitage, James Callis, Theo James and Jessica Brown Findlay.

Spoilers abound in this review post so SPOILER ALERT

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Trevor and Sypha

We open this episode with a little bit of light moment between the two ummm partners. It’s actually nice to see Trevor Belmont laughing and having a great, quiet moment with Sypha. Its so different from what we got when this series started. There was actually a part here where they were so adorable together.

That moment with Sypha laughing though was kinda cringey. Either they werent able to time it or the voice acting by Jessica Brown Findlay didn’t work AT ALL.

The Judge is also becoming an interesting character. Jason Isaacs is a great choice for the character. He does set up an interesting move for the characters namely dragging them with whatever the hell is going with the Priory. We also get some nice backstory for the town of Lindenfeld. Those scenes reminded me of Blizzard’s Diablo (the first one).

Also can I just comment that for once, I watch content where the town people are not useless? Thanks to the Judge and his military tactics, we actually see the village do a bang up job of protecting itself. And yes, that’s a really creative way of using shit.


Adetokumboh M’Cormack did an amazing job to bring more life to Isaac the Forgemaster. He had an incredible moment last episode and for this one, he takes a slow take to move his story forward. And speaking of forward, this captain is really fun who apparently was voiced by Lance Reddick…

Gotta give my kudos for that amazing line too about people’s stories and all that. Perfectly delivered that even Isaac had to sit down and think about what was said before responding negatively.

Hector and Lenore

Lenore gets to show what she can do and what she’s capable of doing as she meets Hector (Theo James). I love the way she looks and her interaction with the badly-beaten Hector. Also Hector once again gets beaten up. Can’t blame him but man this guy just can’t catch a break.

The episode ends with a nice symmetry with the opening scene. Softness and weakness is what drives Trevor and Sypha to leave Lindenfeld. They feel that staying too long would make them weaker in their never-ending quest. They reject the idea of softness and the idea of weakness. Lenore on the other hand shows uses her supposed “weakness” to get things done. As a diplomat, she uses “softness” and “peace” for her benefit. But hidden behind all that is the ferocious vampire on the same level as Karmilla and the other rulers of Stygia.

Nice job Warren Ellis.



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