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Doctor Doom has his own Sentinels – X-Men/Fantastic Four # 3

It looks like Doctor Doom has his own sentinels based exclusively in Latveria in X-Men/Fantastic Four # 3 by Chip Zdarsky and Terry Dodson.

The third issue of X-Men/Fantastic Four reveals Doctor Doom’s plans for his neighbors in Krakoa and the Fantastic Four who are currently embroiled in a “custody battle” for Franklin Richards. If you remember, Franklin has been flagged as an “Omega Level Mutant” and would be safely situated in Krakoa together with the other mutants.

Doom figured into this because he held Kitty Pryde’s Marauders as hostage after the mutant team tried to rescue several mutants who requested for rescue in Latveria. It just so happened that Franklin Richards and Valeria Richards, the teenagers of Sue Richards and Reed Richards stowed away in the Marauder to visit Krakoa by themselves.

In Issue # 3, we find out that Doom had extended his hospitality for both the X-Men and the Fantastic Four in the condition that they do not hurt anybody in the island. Reed, Beast and several others joined Doom as he tries to bring back Franklin’s waning powers. During this time, Wolverine and several mutants together with Sue and Johnny Storm aka Human Torch investigate the island to look for the missing mutants. When they get caught, Wolverine was forced to kill what he assumed was a Doombot only to find that he has killed a human being. This triggers Doom and he unleashes his secret weapon…

Leave it to Doctor Doom to create mutant hunting and killing machines in his new island nation of Latveria who follows his same fashion sense. This would be the trope where the two hero teams finally unite and shrug off their differences to fight the common enemy.

My main concern about X-Men/Fantastic Four is the fact that it has too much talking and less action sequences. I was really hoping we got long dragged out fights but I am greatly disappointed. Even Franklin showing his weakened powers would have been great but all we got was too much talking in issue 1 alone.

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