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Here’s a closer look at Taskmaster from Marvel’s Black Widow

Marvel Studios recently released another look, this time a closer look at the mysterious villain Taskmaster in the upcoming film Marvel’s Black Widow which stars Scarlett Johansson.

You can check out the full form of Taskmaster after the cut!

You can see a lot of things going on with this slick guy’s costume. For starters, he’s got armor plating all over, from the legs to the arms. He also gets the hood which was the same with the comics. What’s different is the facemask he’s using. In the comics, he uses a helmet instead of a creepy skull mask. What they did right with the villain is the blue and orange theme for the suit, something that really stood out for the baddie. Sadly though we don’t see him brandishing his sword and shield that much.

Not only will we be seeing Taskmaster go against ScarJo’s Black Widow in several instances but will also go against David Harbour’s Red Guardian.

No official release date yet locally for Black Widow due to the COVID-19 but people are hopeful we get to see it in the big screen after the lockdown and quarantine period.

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