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Cyclops and Magik Perfected their ultimate attack in X-Men # 8

X-Men # 8 gives fans a look at how well-coordinated Cyclops and Magik are in battle. Here are X-Men # 8 spoilers; the issue is written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Mahmud Asrar!

Spoiler alert!

So in this issue, the Brood attack the mutant nation of Krakoa because Rahne Sinclair aka Wolfsbane brought a “King Egg” to Earth after the New Mutants’ adventures in space. The King Egg is a valuable asset for the alien race to the point that even Brood Queens wage war against each other for the King.

And with so many brood warriors attacking Krakoa, Cyclops and Jean are the first to connect with the New Mutants who’ve drastically lost numbers due to Sunspot choosing to remain in Shiar territory to help out with his bestfriend Sam Guthrie aka Cannonball.

I’m also fanboying at how cool these two address themselves. Scott addressing Ilyana as “captain” while Ilyana shows her respect to Cyclops by addressing him as “Commander”. Take note these two plus Gorgon are the three Captains of Krakoa. Gorgon is exclusive to Magneto, Charles Xavier and Apocalypse while the two can move freely between missions.

Loved how cool Cyclops comes in and orders around others and then proceeds to wipe out a majority of brood warriors with their ultimate attack…

That was beautiful!

I wonder what other creative stuff these two could do in the battlefield. I want more of this Jonathan Hickman!

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