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Somebody just questioned Stephen King’s COVID-19 and The Stand Comment!

The balls of this Twitter user! Stephen King shared his thoughts about the recent COVID-19 problem and how it’s not like the iconic Captain Trips disease readers followed in the novel The Stand.

And that’s when Twitter user @StevieMichaelD1 commented, telling off the writer for “not even reading the book”.  Oh man this guy.

Meanwhile, The Stand will be getting a new production and its unclear whether it would be another TV movie or an actual film following the footsteps of King’s recent success with It Chapter 1 and It Chapter 2 directed by Andy Muschietti. But I’m thinking it could be the former. Interestingly enough, Marilyn Manson will be in on this. Although last we heard, he’s not going to play The Stand’s main antagonist, Randall Flagg.

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