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Shazam # 11 Spoilers – the real traitor in the Shazam Family

We got major Shazam # 11 Spoilers by Geoff Johns and Scot Kolins! Its the reveal of the actual traitor within the Shazam Family (which was kinda obvious to be honest).

In the last issue, the recently returned Wizard returns to the Earthlands with Billy Batson making a decision to turn his father into the seventh member of the Shazam family. This did not sit well with the Wizard and he removes the power from him. Billy Batson sees this happening and starts a fight with the Wizard which they take outside.

In the fight, CC intervenes and gives an opening for Shazam to make a move against the Wizard.

This moment, Black Adam also revealed himself in the area and tried to fight the Shazam family again. This is where the surprise reveal happens. Apparently CC knows a spell to debuff Black Adam.

The whole wisdom of Solomon sounds sketchy and Billy knows something is amiss.

So yeah, it looks like CC is actually a bad guy all this time. His introduction was just a ruse to get Billy Batson drop his guard! There’s another surprise plot in this issue!

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