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X-Force # 8 Spoilers – Domino and Colossus Get Back Together; Domina Dies

Big things are happening for Domino in the pages of X-Force by Benjamin Percy and artist Bazaldua. Here are X-Force # 8 spoilers!

Spoiler alert by the way…

spoiler alert photo

So this whole issue focuses on Domino who had a lot of things happen to her over the course of this volume. She’s been abducted, mutilated and was also the cause of the assassination of Charles Xavier.

So after killing another Domino clone, Domino talks to Sage about her next moves; she’s in pain after what had happened and its not going away. During her down time, she takes a swim and encounters her former boyfriend Colossus.

Its been awhile too since we saw Colossus. He was down for the count in Marauders # 1 and hasn’t been operating in behalf of Krakoa since then. So its a nice thing to see Colossus once again.

Aww shucks. Its about time that Colossus gets some loving after his aborted wedding with Kitty Pryde back in X-Men Gold # 30.

After getting new intel from Sage, Domino forms a team with her boyfriend and investigate a train with her bio signal.

We get a double-page spread amazingly done by Bazaldua which gives us a look at how hairy the situation the both of them entered and it ends with a panel of Colossus looking really cool. We’ll skip that but we will look at the aftermath, with all the dead clones dying together with the original Domino.

Domino dies at the hands of Colossus and makes him promise to get revived with her recent memories intact to help her remember the pain and keep her focused with her mission with X-Force.

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