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Samurai Shodown DLC character Mina Majikina coming February 26

Publisher Athlon Games and developer SNK has announced availability for Samurai Showdown’s DLC character Mina Majikina.

Here’s her character bio:

A lonely girl of mysterious origins, even to herself, Mina had a sentimental connection to the village she lived in, though she didn’t talk to the people that much. After going demon hunting for a while, she returned to find her village totally destroyed, and everyone slaughtered. The only survivor was her pet, Chample, who was the only person she cared about. Upon traveling to find the ones who destroyed her village, she learns about an evil presence in Japan. She hunts it down, looking for answers.

She was born with a strong spiritual power. Due to this, she was separated from her family and was raised to be a Kaminchu (a goddess). But because her spiritual powers were so strong, she was feared by her own villagers and became the outcast of her village. Slowly and slowly, she had forgotten how to smile. Her only friend was her pet Chample.

Apparently, Champuru was the one who destroyed her village. She killed Chample to avenge the death of her villagers but also killed herself so she can be with Chample forever.

Mina Majikina Trailer:

Mina Majikina Gallery:

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